‘It’s like having a Ferrari in the garage and keeping it a secret’

2023-03-23 15:14:27 By : Mr. Peter Zhao

That’s according to Nello Cumani, newly appointed Sales Manager at CB Stampi Caps in Italy

So what’s so special about CB Stampi caps? Well, plenty, in fact. To start with, the caps have a patented snap-on system that enables them to fit on a 28/PCO Preform, or an HDPE bottle with the same neck. They snap straight on, with no need for any twisting - and no leakage.

This offers an almost unlimited flexibility to apply different caps to a single preform, meaning complete product lines with different caps and differently shaped bottles. The options are unlimited! There is also the opportunity for cost saving as until now, this system of snap-on has previously only been available for HDPE. Now, anyone looking for a Brand refresh or new launch, has the option to switch to more a more cost-effective PET alternative.

And as good things come in three’s, CB Stampi haven’t overlooked the sustainability aspect either, as the caps are available in 100% PCR and also include low profile options, like the Zeus, for plastic reduction.

The caps have been on the market in European Countries including Italy, Spain, France and Germany for some years, and can be found in well-known supermarkets there such as Mercadona, Esselunga, Lidl and Aldi, with over 41 million being sold in 2022.

Now it’s time for the UK to discover them. And they have already generated a great deal of interest with companies here, including bottle manufacturer Spectra.

Jonathan Powell, their Sales Director says ‘This creative snap-on system is designed to work with existing preform neck configurations where historically bespoke tooling would be required. This allows customers to create unique packaging without the costly investment in stand-alone preform tooling. We’re excited to see how the UK market responds.’

Interested? If you’d like more information, we are happy to help. Please contact Christine Horgan at c.horgan@cbstampi.it or Nello Cumani at n.cumani@cbstampi.it

They’d love to hear from you.